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Why order a car from Sweden

A lot of cars are more competitively priced and oftentimes in better condition than their counterparts in Estonia. Before selling most big sellers do MOT and if necessary, change the tires. All cars registered in the last 2 years have factory warranty, applicable all across Europe.

How to order?

You should start by asking for an offer from us. Then we can proceed with checking the cars history etc.

Can I see and check the car before buying?

The car will be checked by us in Sweden and the results will be reported. Then you can make your final decision.

What does the final price include?

Therefore, there are no unexpected costs to your transaction.

How does the warranty work?

If the car has factory warranty, it is applicable all across Europe. This makes buying the car risk free. If there is no factory warranty, there is 30-day Swedcar warranty

How to lease a car form Swedcar

We work with all banks and leasings in Estonia. It is just as simple as leasing a car from Estonia.
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