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Leasing a car from Sweden

You can use a bank of your choice. We recommend asking a leasing offer in advance, for you to know you financial ability. Since we are focused on car orders, the leasing type you choose should be capital rent.
Leasing process is as follows:
  1. Ask for our offer and send it to your bank.
  2. In case of a positive answer from leasing we go a check the car on site.
  3. Forward the contacts of your account manager from the leasing and we send all necessary documents to them. You only have to sign the contract, once everything is in order.

You can order cars from all registered sellers in Sweden

Almost 70% of all used cars in Sweden are sold by car dealers. Buying from dealers is much less risky, sins Swedish laws regulate the condition of sold car only, if the seller is a company. Some of the cars sold by private sellers are in such condition, that the dealers have not agreed to sell them. In some special cases (such as cars with factory warranty) buying from private sellers can make sense. If you feel there is a car you cant buy from a dealer, send us a link and we can check it out.

Before ordering you should think of the following:

To order a car, the following steps are nessecary:

  1. Ask for our offer and when necessary, an offer from you bank.
  2. We check the cars history and if everything is in check, we check the car in Sweden on site.
  3. After the check we send you a full report on the condition of the car. If problems occur, you can safely back out from the transaction without additional costs.
  4. We bring the car here and register it on the name of the new owner or car leasing.

Ordering for a company

Ordering as a company involves all the same terms and warranties as when ordering as a private individual. If you are a VAT-liable company and you wish to ask for a VET return from the taxation authority, you should choose a car, which includes the VAT tax. For this, when searching for a car, make a tick in the box "VAT". Then you only see cars which include the VAT tax.
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